Social Development Professions celebrates a number of events during the course of each academic year:


Pledge Ceremony


World Social Work Day


Arbor Day



                    First year orientation 2019 (Amazing Race)

On the 7th of February 2019, The Social Development Professions department officially welcomed the 2019 Social Work 1st year students. Although the 1st years were very apprehensive as they did not know what to expect, the room was filled with a lot of excitement. The day started off with each off academic staff introducing themselves to the students and letting them know what they were responsible for. Once the formalities were done, it was now time for some fun! The department organised an Amazing Race for the students so they could familiarize themselves with the campus and the services! The students thoroughly enjoyed this as it also served as time for them to get to know their lecturers as each group was paired with a lecturer.

Welcome 1st years!

Professor Zoleka Soji welcoming the 2019 1st year Social Work students


... And so the Amazing Race Begins



Our faculty administrator, Mrs Heloise Levack, dressed up for the occassion.


The winning team

The runner ups


1st Year BSW students (2019)