Social workers play an important role in society. By working with individuals, couples, families, groups, organisations and communities, they aim to improve social functioning and social justice and by doing so increasing the quality of life for all in society.  The social worker addresses and engages with a variety of social issues i.e. child protection, drug and dependency issues, youth development, community and resource development, family preservation and personal issues.

Social workers are equipped during their training with occupation specific knowledge and skills and practical experience to be able to effectively engage with all client systems and social issues and guided by a professional ethical code of conduct.

The programme is made up of compulsory fundamental and core modules, as well as a choice of elective modules which can be selected according to the student’s interests. Practical work is an integral part of the degree from second year level. 


Career Opportunities

  • Government Departments: Dept. of Social Development and Special Programmes, Dept. of Correctional Services, SAPS,SANDF
  • Institutional Settings: Child Care Centers, Homes for the elderly, Rehabilitation Centers
  • Non Governmental Organisations: Childline, SANCA, FAMSA
  • Medical Settings: Provincial and Private Hospitals
  • Corporate settings: Portnet, VW, GM
  • Private Practice
  • Academic career and research


Domain of Social Work

  • Work with people (individuals, families, groups or communities)
  • Assist and support people to deal with and manage their problems for more effective individual and family functioning
  • Empower people to become self-reliant and self sufficient
  • Develop resources and infrastructure in communities
  • Apply and implement programmes to prevent social problems and to build and strengthen peoples’ capacities
  • Advocate for and protect the rights of vulnerable populations e.g. children, the aged, the disabled