To be a vibrant, authentic, engaged department; recognised for the training and development of well-rounded, contextually relevant social development practitioners; responsive to the diverse needs and who can facilitate meaningful change and enhance well-being of people.



To engage in student-centred teaching and generate indigenous knowledge through research that is responsive to community needs; informs social work practice; underpinned by theories of social work, social and human sciences within a social development paradigm.



  1. Empowerment/ growth oriented

We nurture / cultivate (energy, vibrancy, dynamic) propelling action and change, capacity to grow and change, empowerment


  1. Relational centred

We value relationships, therefore:

  • We promote student-centred engagement
  • We appreciate the uniqueness and individuality of our students / colleagues
  • We embrace diversity in relationships
  • We foster collaborative partnerships with all stakeholders


  1. Self-reflective

  • We assume responsibility to enhance or self-awareness
  • We promote a conducive environment that facilitates student self-awareness
  • We actively create and utilise opportunities for continuous professional and personal development


  1. Contextually relevant

  • We are committed to teaching and learning practice that is student-centred
  • We facilitate training in Social work practice that is responsive to the community needs
  • We utilise and generate indigenous /locally specific knowledge


  1. Well-rounded

  • We are committed to producing graduates that are integrated, and, well-rounded